About Us

Despite immense research in the area of neuroscience, the human brain remains an enigma. There are multitude of neuro psychiatric illnesses whose basis and the people who are affected are inadequately understood.

At NSS, our focus is to understand the functional impact of neurological illnesses on people who are affected. Neuroscience Solutions seeks to partner the individuals in their battle to overcome the physical, emotional and social manifestations of neurological illnesses.

Many of these neurological illnesses have been ongoing challenges for the medical fraternity for decades. Traditional interventions and drug management have been the cornerstone of care. At Neuroscience Solutions we strive to source and deliver innovative, evidence based and non-pharmaceutical interventions for neurological conditions.

An important aspect of our partnership with the society is to attach a strong emphasis on education of the caregivers and support of families caring for children and adults with special needs. In this way, NSS pledges to introduce only the best, tried and tested services and products in the domain of neuroscience.

Our Policy

With a ‘client first’ policy, Neuroscience Solutions believes in sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders in the care of people with special needs.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of neurological rehabilitation and product distribution, the principals at Neuroscience Solutions have the expertise in delivering the most appropriate cutting edge technologies in the area of neuroscience from source to the market.

Our strategic location in Singapore gives us a gateway to APAC inclusive of ASEAN and South Asia.

Our Focus

Currently, NSS is focused on introducing ground-breaking technologies in the management of autism into the APAC markets.

We have recently introduced a cutting edge Neurofeedback intervention, The MenteTMheadband for the care of autistic children. With many more innovative neurological products in the pipeline, we are confident of bringing a change and touching the lives of many individuals.